Once you have chosen your product and color, the next thing

you need to decide is how much paint to buy. Ideally you want

to have a little extra paint for touch-ups, but you don’t want to

end up with too much left over paint, and you surely don’t want

to run out mid-wall.

To help you come up with an estimate Benjamin Moore has a

paint calculator that will help you get a rough estimate of how

many gallons you will need. Just keep in mind that this is only

an estimate, not all paints will give the same coverage (square

feet per gallon), not all painters spread paint at the same thickness on the wall, etc. This is a great tool for getting an idea of what your budget is going to look like and we can help you get an even better estimate in store once we know which paint you're using, just bring us some measurements of your wall square footage.

Click the link to go to Benjamin Moore's paint calculator tool.

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