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Interior wood finishing can be a very confusing topic, especially if you start looking into it on line. It seems like every woodworker has a technique and/or recipe for their own special top coat and process. It doesn't need to be that complicated though. Come in and talk to us about your project we'll not only make sure you have the right products, we'll make sure you feel comfortable tackling it by the time you leave. We've put together a how to section with links to Old Masters web site that will give you some good advice and pointers as well.

NOTE: These links, except Osmo, will take you to an outside website. (Old Masters)

We Carry Osmo

Hardwax-Oils have been around in Europe for over 70 years and are finally getting their due in North America. If you aren't familiar with them click the link below or come in and ask us about them. We carry the Polyx-Oil clears as well as the tinted Woodwax Finishes, Top-Oil for Cutting/Charcuterie Boards, and exterior finishes. 

Osmo wood finishing products

Wood Surface Prep

This link will take you to Old Masters' Surface Prep section. Note that most projects won't require all of the steps they include in this section.

interior wood finishing, wood surface prep

How To Stain A Fiberglass Door

Not as intimidating as you might think. (If they trim the door to size on site save the cut off to practice on.)

how to stain a fiberglass door

Shop-Made Wiping Varnish

Okay, this one sounds a bit more advanced, but it's actually quite the opposite. Not only is a wiping varnish easy to make, it's much more foolproof to apply. That goes for beginners and professionals alike. Check it out.

how to make your own wiping varnish
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